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Red Mercury For Sale

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This rare chemical is the basis of many urban legends and is even considered by some to be an exotic form of matter or energy. Despite popular belief, it is important to understand that red mercury cannot create nuclear explosions or liquid fuel rockets. However, it does have some interesting properties that make it a highly sought-after product.

Red Mercury for Sale – What is it?

Red mercury is a complex mercury-based organomercury compound that comes in liquid, crystal or powder form. Although it is more expensive than regular mercury, it is easier to handle and process. It is highly reactive and can react to extreme temperatures and pressures. Because of these properties, red mercury is highly sought after by many industries, including the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical industries.

In the late 1980s, the first mentions of red mercury appeared in significant Soviet and Western media outlets, and almost immediately after the tales surfaced, people began attempting to purchase it. Red mercury was never specifically described in the publications, but they nonetheless implied that it was crucial for making nuclear bombs and accelerated fission weapons.

Red Mercury For Sale

Red Mercury For Sale

What Is The Price Of Red Mercury?

The cost of red mercury can vary depending on the quality. In general, the price is very high and can reach up to $500 per gram. Although it is very expensive, many of our clients are willing to pay the price to get the product. This is mainly due to the reactive properties and rarity of the product.

Red Mercury for Sale – Why Buy it?

Red mercury is highly sought after by many industries, including the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical industries. It is easy to handle and process.

In the middle of the 1990s, there was a notion that claimed red mercury made it easier to enrich uranium to a purity suitable for use in weapons. Traditionally, this form of enrichment is completed over a number of years using centrifuges of the Zippe type. Red mercury was thought by some to do away with this expensive and time-consuming phase. Since the facilities housing the centrifuges typically used in this process are relatively big and call for technology that can be reasonably followed worldwide, this would not eliminate the chance of identifying the material, but it might allow it to avoid discovery during enrichment.

Red mercury has long been regarded as a potent chemical that resembles an explosive and is known as a ballotechnic, according to Samuel T. Cohen, the “father of the neutron bomb”. It is claimed that with a thermonuclear weapon, the energy released during the reaction is sufficient to directly compress the secondary without the need for a fission primary. He asserted that he had been informed that Soviet researchers had developed the usage of red mercury and it served for the mass production of small pure fusion bombs.

Where To Buy Red Mercury?

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Red mercury is a very interesting and demanded product that has many advantages. However, it may have disadvantages when the quality is low and inappropriate for the application for which it is intended.